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Building strong networks and growing via mutual learning has been the cornerstone of human evolution since time immemorial. However, in today’s digital age, when social media and virtual events are becoming prevalent, the essence of human interaction is fading.

The need to build a common platform that holds nurturing interaction at its core, unites cultivating mindsets, and promotes opportunities for learning, networking, and growth, led to the inception of Prism Events.

As an events organizing firm that curates customizable experiences, Prism Events has fostered growth for leaders, influencers, brands, investors, and veterans across the globe. In a span of less than three years, more than 7 niche-specific conferences have been created that aim to build a conducive ecosystem where opportunities can flourish.

Conferences organized by Prism Events have been instrumental in empowering more than 2500 brands in finding their voice and preparing for the future. Thousands of industry experts and domain-enthusiasts have witnessed the brilliance of innovation and gained insights into the deepest realms of subjects’ specificity. Prism Events has disrupted the events space with its signature conferences and strengthened the roots of a solution-driven approach to real-time issues faced by the industries.

Backed by a team of passionate professionals who live and breathe innovation in the events space, Prism Events has become a catalyst for growth and the leading force of changemakers.

Faisal Abidi and Raghib Khan

Founders Prism Events, Inc.


A Glimpse Of Prism Events’ Journey Through The Years

A brief history

As a successful tech services company, the team worked with hundreds of companies across industries such as healthcare, gaming, IoT, AI, ML, credit bureau, defense, etc. Whilst working with them, a realisation struck that there is a dire need for a global platform that brings together key stakeholders to share ideas, brainstorm, and innovate for the betterment of all.

This need gave birth to Prism Events, Inc. which is headquartered in Wilmington, DE.

    • With the advent of Smart Health, a one-of-its-kind healthcare conference, Prism Events embarks on its journey in the events industry.
    • The progress from the first edition motivated the team to host a second edition in Dubai; thus, making Smart Health a truly global conference.
    • Smart Health is renamed as IFAH.
    • Prism Events sets its foot in the technology domain with InterCon; and an overwhelming response from the first edition secures its position in the industry and the next edition is scheduled within 6 months from its commencement.
    • After scheduling multiple conferences across the globe, Prism Events expands its wings to disrupt the education industry with GFEL and the marketing & advertising industry with MADcon.
    • Prism Events ventures into four new domains namely, insurance & finance (GCIF), food (GSAF), automotive & transportation (ITAS), and real estate & construction (WRECONF).
    • The groundbreaking success of MADcon serves as an impetus to its growth. Its horizon expands as retail is added under the umbrella and MADcon gets rebranded as MARsum.